With over 700 million people using mobile phones across the country, India has fast emerged as the third largest telecom market in the world. The industry is facing tremendous competition today with the emergence of a number of vendors, each with unique brand propositions. In a market where the customer has no dearth of choices and the cost of switching over is minimal, a key strategy for companies to retain customers is through Customer Relationship Management. Within the ambit of CRM Telecom data mining is very popular in the telecom industry. In many ways, this is a foundation for several of the core business processes in this sector.

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Why use data mining for Telecom CRM?

1) Gaining a comprehensive view of the customer is one of the key benefits sought from data mining. The CRM Telecom industry is specifically customer-oriented.

2) From customer care to billing and online services, there are many touch points where an operator needs to connect with customers. These are not merely channels of communication but act as an extension of the brand and product itself.

3) When a customer logs on to the company website, he/she may be looking to pay bills, find an ideal data plan or track their usage. Hence, companies must understand such customer needs and requirements and cater to these in the most effective ways to retain clients and build loyalty.

4) Data mining can help them derive the consumer insights required to proactively engage and serve the customer.

5) A unique capability of data mining is to create compact consumer profiles based on their usage. Every call made over a telecom network gets recorded as a call record. CRM Telecom can give a comprehensive understanding of a customer’s usage habits and trends over a period of time. Such information is not only useful to customer care agents but is also instrumental in improving the service offer.

6) Operators can create better deals and plans by understanding how the customer uses their service.

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