Vision CRM Public Sector is a true citizen-based CRM solution for the public sector. We listen to our customers. We understand the differences between public sector and private sector CRM service demands. Our extensive knowledge of government operations inspired the creation of CRM Public Sector. We bring you tools expressly designed to serve citizens better, not makeshift modifications of private industry solutions. At the same time, we’re part of a global software company that develops the solutions that drive some of the world’s most successful businesses. That means our applications have the sophistication to give you quicker time to value and world-class CRM service.

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Public Sector CRM helps public sector organizations:

1) Create a single version of your message for all the information you provide to citizens.

2) Input, manage, and report on all contact with citizens and the status of each request.

3) Provide operators with a single system that delivers direct access to all information a citizen is likely to request by integrating with other Infor Hansen modules.

4) Provide timely and accurate information to citizens.

5) Transform citizen contact from an “in line” system to an “online” system.

Effective customer relationship management (CRM) Public Sector requires you to consolidate all of your communication channels and offer complete back-office integration to manage all citizens’ requests. Infor Public Sector CRM can help.

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