Sales forecasting is important for all organizations, but it is especially critical for manufacturing companies. Not only does a sales forecast give your sales team a goal and a sense of direction, it gives the rest of your company a basis for planning, scheduling, ordering, purchasing, and other activities vital for a successful manufacturing operation. The proble is that many companies do not have a system in place to give sales reps and managers the information and tools they need for more accurate forecasts.The good news? CRM manufacturing can change that. Here’s how.

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CRM manufacturing allows you to put aside your educated guesses and clearly see trends and patterns so you can accurately forecast sales, purchase materials, and run a more cost efficient and successful operation. CRM allows you visibility into your pipeline for complete control, the ability to automatically generate forecasts, single page access to your entire teams forecast, a place to quickly and easily store and access customer information and activity, and much more. One of the biggest advantages that CRM manufacturing is found in the automation, giving your sales team back critical hours necessary for closing deals and finding new prospects. Of course, in order to reap the benefits of such as system, you need to increase CRM adoption in your organization.

Because your sales team may not feel responsible for enterring information accurately…or at all, or if they have a tendency to ‘sandbag’ or be a little over confident in their estimations, CRM manufacturing cannot solve all of your problems with forecast accuracy, but it can set your team up with a solid foundation for success. From there you should focus on increasing CRM adoption among your sales team and following best practices for to recogonize the many benefits that come along with CRM manufacturing.


With CRM manufacturing, you can effectively manage complex relationships with customers and suppliers and recognize additional benefits such as:

  • 1. Insight into knowing exactly what is happening with every customer and supplier
  • 2. The ability to maximize your relationships
  • 3. Serve customers as a coordinated team
  • 4. Increase sales performance
  • 5. Gain new customers while keeping the old
  • 6. Increase profit
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