5 Tips To Write A Killer LinkedIn Post

Oct 11, 2019 1:00:00 PM / by Amit Lakhwani

Create killer LinkedIn Posts


B2B marketers know the power of LinkedIn. They understand that this is the platform where their customers are spending more time connecting and reading content. That is the reason why 94% of B2B marketers are using LinkedIn with it being their primary choice among other social networks. But out of them, how many can confide in the fact that they are using LinkedIn the right way.

The publishing option on LinkedIn has enabled businessmen to connect and reach their audience who were otherwise very difficult to reach. Publishing the content is only half the battle because you also must understand how to create posts that hook readers and drive them to action.

This way you become a publisher on LinkedIn and know how to attract more views.

Not sure where to start?

Here are some tips that you can follow to have a killer post optimized for LinkedIn-

Create LinkedIn optimized headlines:

create linkedin optimized headlines


Creating a high-performing headline for LinkedIn is made easier with a research-based approach. There are certain words which drive more shares when incorporated into the headline. For example, when the word “habits” is used in a headline, the post drives more shares. Similarly, words like “mistakes”, “successful”, “leaders” drives more shares than average.

You can also check out influencers from your niche, study their posts and the headlines that they use. Check out the format they use and which performed the best and then test these strategies in your own content.


Keep your post short and easy to read

Keep your post short and easy to read


The most powerful LinkedIn content is also content that is straightforward and easy to read. You need to know that your content is found easy to read. For professionals where time is money, many simply don't have the time to read through a longer post. Keep it short and simple when possible.

You can also use the Flesch Card score to rate the readability of your content. It will help you know what to work on.


Realize the power of visuals

Realize the power of visuals


Creating content isn’t only about the writing itself but also about the visuals that support the content. Visuals show up prominently in the LinkedIn news feed as they do everywhere else. Make sure that you use a visual at the top of your blog post that resonates with the content of your blog and also with the professional theme of LinkedIn.

Research shows that visuals are very important along with the content, but especially on LinkedIn. One large study of LinkedIn posts found that Social media content with images received a greater number of shares, likes, comments and views than a simple text would. As a matter of fact, your articles can experience a 37% increase in engagement if they are optimized with compelling visual content.

You can also plan PPC campaigns to increase your views and eventually your customers.


Create an effective CTA

Create an effective CTA

Creating an effective CTA starts with a goal. After reading your content, what do you want readers to do next? Your goal maybe is to entice them into viewing more content, in that case, you might include links to related content on your blog where you can continue engaging with your viewers.

Or maybe your goal is to capture the viewer’s email addresses so you can launch a campaign, in which you might encourage them to download an e-book or a guide to solve whatever pain point the content addresses.

Every content you post on LinkedIn should have a strategy and the CTA should be designed specifically to support and meet these goals.


Optimize your LinkedIn profile and share your post

Optimize your LinkedIn profile and share your post


Every post that you publish might lead people back to your profile. If you want to be considered an authority on the subject, you better have an optimized LinkedIn profile.

If you want your content to be read, don’t just keep the sharing limited to LinkedIn. Share it on every social media platform you are on. You can also redirect viewers from your blog to your LinkedIn post and vice versa. This way both your blog and the LinkedIn post can drive traffic and views.


LinkedIn provides you a vehicle for getting in front of the right customers at the right time. But once you capture their attention, you want to keep it. By using these strategies you can engage with more prospects through interaction that encourages them to get to know and trust your brand or company. In case you still have questions, we are happy to help you. Contact Us at any hour of the day or Send Us a mail.

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Amit Lakhwani

Written by Amit Lakhwani

Amit is an inbound marketer and sales enabler at Global Vision Technology . he has 12 years of experience in making sales and marketing a data driven process

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