A Guide to Digital Marketing for Real Estate Developers

Jul 23, 2019 11:41:58 AM / by Amit Lakhwani

Digital marketing for real estate developers


The real estate market is flourishing with new trends every other day. More and more companies are trying their best to be on top and beat their competitors but how?

In the present day, everybody is dependent on digital platforms for their research. Clients searching for properties prefer to search online to get a clear vision of what they want out of their future home.

Digital marketing has become a vital part of every real estate developer's marketing strategy. From generating new leads to closing deals, real estate companies have become completely reliant on digital marketing.

But what will make you stand out? In this intense competition, how will you appeal to your prospects?

To stay right at the top, you need to have distinct digital marketing strategies that will tune up your sales. Social media channels are great platforms to stay in contact with your customers. For a blooming business, social media handles have become an essentiality for real estate developers. It is a great way to getting noticed online and about 84% of realtors use this way as their prime digital marketing strategy.

Presently there are so many trends and digital marketing strategies that marketers are adopting to stay on top of the game. 

Well, social media channels are great but there is a lot more to digital marketing. And if you excel those ways too, your company is guaranteed to be on the peak. Your digital marketing strategies will create a greater impact than your traditional marketing strategies. So, make sure that you are well versed with all the digital marketing strategies you can adopt.


Having a Powerful Blog

Blog for Digital marketing for real estates

Having an informative blog can level up your SEO game. It is also very useful to build a positive reputation for your company online. Blogs are a great way to build a good rapport with your customers as they refer to your blogs as a source of information when they search for properties online.

A digital marketing strategy is nothing without good content whether it is shared on the website or over social media.

For getting a good result out of your digital marketing strategy, make sure your blog is regularly updated so that your clients can retreat to your blog in case of any real estate queries they might face.

Before developing your content strategy, you should start from the basics. Analysing your target audience will help you understand the kind of content you are supposed to produce. For this you need to map out your buyer persona.

Buyer personas are the ideal clients you want to target for your real estate offers and content. From new homeowners to existing agents, you need to properly understand who your buyer is, what they do, their average salary, their age group, and their interests. One thing is that these buyer persona traits can change from time to time based on your company’s offers.  These characteristics of your buyer persona will help you understand your buyer’s decision-making process in detail. For that, you need to learn how effectively Build a Buyer Persona.


Boost your SEO game

SEO for Digital marketing for real estates

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very critical way to drive leads to your website. If done correctly your website or web page can show on top of search engine results during relevant searches.

Google and other search engines keep on changing their algorithm from time to time. So, you have to consistently keep a check on your SEO. The keywords that you use play a vital role in making a difference. To level up your SEO, make sure you use high ranking keywords such as your location or your industry type throughout your blog content or website. Other than this, there are many other factors too that can strengthen your SEO-

  • Back links
  • Meta descriptions and titles
  • Online directories
  • Social media pages, etc.


Long-form content with proper keywords regularly will boost your SEO and rank you higher than your competitors on Google Search Engine Result pages (SERP).

Spend some time developing your SEO strategy and what all you can do to rank higher on Google search result pages. Take a couple of minutes weekly to review popular and industry-related keywords on Google Ads and make sure to include them throughout any copy you develop.


Mapping out a social media strategy

 Social media strategy for Digital marketing for real estates

Occasional Facebook posts about your real estate updates won't work as much as a full-fledged social media strategy. Having a social media strategy mapped out will truly give you the results you are looking for.

Social media strategies work on consistency and the more you register yourselves in your  viewer's mind the more you stay relevant. It is crucial that you have a decent presence on social media.

An experienced digital marketer would know how difficult it is to keep up with consistent posting on social media. Therefore, apps like Buffer come into the picture. Buffer makes scheduling and posting way easier and also saves you a lot of time. Having convenient options as a part of your digital marketing strategy is necessary.

There are a lot of options available if you want to make your social media strategy more convenient to yourself. There are so many social media tools to make your social media strategy implementation easier.

Although there's one thing to keep in mind for all real estate developers while creating content is to share varied content. Content appealing to people who are only looking for new properties won't make much of a difference. Your content should cater to a broad audience.


Investing in PPC (Pay-per-click Advertising)

PPC for Digital marketing for real estates

Many people wouldn't know that PPC is an excellent way of gearing up your digital marketing strategy. With PPC realtors can only pay when their ad is being clicked on. They are supposed to pay a fixed amount for every click.

PPC is an excellent way for real estate professionals to get found by people who are genuinely interested in their offering as they only pay when their ad is clicked on. In other words, PPC is a bull's eye shot.

PPC ads are a great way of targeting only those individuals that are interested in buying real estate properties.

Creating a User-friendly Website

Website for Digital marketing for real estates

There have been so many instances where a website wouldn’t load fast enough and the viewer would just click out of it. With so many links and pictures, a web page becomes slower to load and quickly becomes a problem for the visitor. But with the help of a professional web designer and proper knowledge of what your clients are looking for, you can create a responsive website that is optimized for computers as well as smartphones.

Real estate developers, you need to keep in mind that almost half of your clients complete their research when they visit your website. So, make sure that your website is fully responsive for their convenience.

Your website should also contain all the necessary information that your customers are looking for. It should be loaded with meaningful content, useful contacts and also listings or updates of your new projects.

In addition to this, you should also consider a live chat feature on your website. Your real estate business is completely people-centric meaning that it is important for you to be available to them whenever they have questions to ask. Having a live chat software allows people to connect to you at any hour of the day and schedule appointments with you without necessarily speaking directly with you.

Giving a chance to Video Marketing

Video marketing for Digital marketing for real estates

People looking for properties online, look for tangibility in the shape of content. Your website shouldn’t be loaded with just pictures and content but also videos.

According to research, 80% of people are more likely to buy the product after watching the product video.

You can now realize how video marketing can change your digital marketing game.

Video production for digital marketing is way cheaper in comparison to other TV commercials. Moreover, with video marketing, you reach your target audience easily and with a higher conversion rate.

There are different types of videos based on where do you want to post it- website, blogs, social media, etc. They can be informational, attention-grabbing or entertaining. These can be for various purposes too, like branding awareness or sales. You need a good video producer to start off your video marketing. 

But before you start, there are a few things you need to take care of, before developing your digital marketing strategy.


  • Set objectives for your Digital Marketing strategy:
    You need to first analyse your goals for your digital marketing strategy. Set up a mission for your marketing efforts. Measure your goals and plan out online channels and mediums you are supposed to adopt that caters to your marketing goals. Have a definitive plan on how to execute your strategy based on your budget and you are good to go.
  • Identify their pain points:
    When you can relate to your audience, there is a greater chance for success of your digital marketing strategy. Brainstorm around what you can provide to your audience, such as answers to questions they have. Accordingly plan your digital marketing campaign.
  • Invest in digital marketing training:
    In the modern marketplace, digital marketing skills are becoming ever more important in running a successful business. By choosing to invest in digital marketing training, you will be relieved to have all the skill-sets necessary to stand out amongst your competition.

The main objective behind using a digital marketing strategy is to solve your prospects’ problems or queries and become a guide for them such that eventually, they choose you as their preferred solutions partner.

The success of your digital marketing strategy is completely dependent on team effort. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s a one man’s effort to satisfy all the requirements needed to execute a digital marketing strategy.

In the meantime, if you are looking for an in-depth content strategy or a digital marketing partner, feel free to Contact us and join us in a discussion.

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Amit Lakhwani

Written by Amit Lakhwani

Amit is an inbound marketer and sales enabler at Global Vision Technology . he has 12 years of experience in making sales and marketing a data driven process

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