Why your Real Estate Company Needs to Have a Blog

Jul 29, 2019 10:01:20 AM / by Karishma Pramanik

WHy your real estate company needs to have a Blog Source: Sweety High

Technology is upgrading with every moment. To be a better real estate developer you need to start adopting ways that will make you stay on top amongst your competitors. A good content strategy is crucial for success. Many marketing professionals advise that good content is the marketing discipline that delivers the greatest ROI for businesses.

A good content strategy will help your target audience to discover you, engage with you and develop trust in you. Content strategy implemented through blogs is foundational in having a successful digital strategy.

Your Digital strategy will decide how successful your company will become. Therefore, make sure you know how to Build your Digital Campaign for your company.

Having a blog has a lot of advantages and this doesn’t even make up for the cost it takes to maintain a blog. Having a blog allows you to present your experience as an agent, show you understand the local market, drive business to your agency, and more.

To captivate the interest of your audience, you need to post content regularly. This content can be informative, helpful and also entertaining at times.

But before you start writing down your blog, you need to understand who your readers are and then carve out an effective content strategy. For this, you need to build your company buyer persona

Here are some of the reasons why Blogging should be an essential marketing strategy for your Real estate company.

Your SEO gets improved

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If you post content answering to queries of your customers that they seek via search engines, you will start to gain more search engine exposure. You can answer their questions, provide insight to their problems and offer solutions accordingly. Likewise, you also become a local source for all their real estate needs. This is going to build trust, credibility, and dependability and they will have your company at the top of their minds when they look for buying any property in the future.

It was also gain you some organic search website traffic. Blogging is not that difficult. You just have to blog information about your company and how you can help your prospects in buying a new house or a property.

You get found throughout the Internet

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Another reason why you should blog about your company is to attract visitors from other parts of the Internet to your website. Other than this, you should also try promoting these blogs on social media and also through email marketing campaigns. This way you have content to share with the world.

Continue to consistently post fresh content on topics relative to real estate and home-buying that your target is looking for, and you’ll see that visibility go up and up.

More visibility on Social Media

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Social media provides a great platform for your home buyers (your target audience) to find you. If you share content on your social media pages, it becomes easier for your prospects to understand what you have to offer. Through pictures and videos, your potential customers think of taking a step forward in becoming your customer.

Posting a variety of engaging and helpful content will attract anyone interested in buying or selling a home. This is the kind of content that people not only like but also share. This way the visits to your website also increases.

To ease your work on social media, you can take help of many social media tools. Learn more about them here.

Builds Reliability by letting your customers know you’re an expert

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By having a blog, you are putting your identity out there and letting people know about yourself. Blogging gives real estate developers a whole another approach. If they find your website less informative and more like an advertisement, your blog is surely going to keep them intact with the company.

Talking about topics related to your company and your industry will make your potential customers realise you are an expert in your field.

Helps to generate more leads.

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Blogging generates 3X more leads than more traditional methods of marketing like local newspaper ads or billboards. And it costs a lot less. Blogging is a great way to nurture your real estate leads. They come to learn about your company in an informative way through your blog and then when they become a qualified lead, you can ready to nurture them in person. Now it’s time to make a call.

You can focus on the people who are most likely supposed to become your clients rather than wasting time with people who aren’t.

Keeps generating Traffic year over years

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When you create a blog post addressing concerns of your customers, you not only help that person but thousands of people with just one blog article. Also, it keeps helping people year after year.

As long as you maintain your real estate blog by adding new content regularly and keep on applying SEO strategies to stay relevant on search engines, your blog is going to deliver traffic to you year after year.

It is Cost-Effective

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Blogging is far more affordable as a long-term strategy than any other strategy. Blogging costs around 67% less and the benefits of it increase over time in a snowball.

Blogging about the right topics will get you more leads. These should be the kind of blog posts that people are looking for and are highly shareable on social media channels. Topics that will appeal to people who are looking to buy real estate properties should be a part of your content strategy.

Also, when you carry out an email campaign, these blog posts can be directly shared with multiple people, hence saving you a lot of time.


According to HubSpot, 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority.

Writing and talking about how you do business establishes you as a credible, trustworthy entity. In your blog, you can share real estate tips, talk about home-buying best practices and trends in neighbourhood real estate.

Your potential customers will gravitate towards you only if you have a reliable identity and a well-known reputation over the Internet and not just someone who carries a business card.

Are you struggling to get website traffic, capture leads or nurture them to clients? We can help. Contact us for a consultation.

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