9 Things To Look For When You Are Migrating Your Website from Adobe Business Catalyst

Jun 3, 2019 6:02:27 PM / by Karishma Pramanik


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It is no news that Adobe would be shutting down its Business Catalyst platform and won't be entertaining any more sites after June 2018. And will be closed down by 2021.

Apparently, 77,000 businesses will be affected by this decision and they have only a year’s time to integrate their website on to a new platform.

If you are among the people who will have to migrate their website from Adobe Business Catalyst, we have some good news for you!

It’s time you start looking for opportunities to get familiar with better alternatives. By better alternatives, I necessarily mean you need to modernise your website for better lead conversions. But why?


What is wrong with Adobe Business Catalyst?

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The traditional web design used by Adobe Catalyst is completely broken. It doesn’t use Growth-driven design which improves the standard by adding more business value to the clients via web designing.

As a client, you need a smarter approach towards web design that eliminates all the possible hassles and drives desirable results.

Gone are the days when a simple standard web design attracted leads and customers to your business. Today it is necessary your website is up-to-date with high-quality web-content regularly.

If you look at it, this incident is nothing of a loss but an opportunity to improvise your website. Your website speaks volumes about your company so it’s necessary that it is updated with all the modern technology available.


How do you go about it?

The sudden closing down of Adobe Business Catalyst might have surprised you and you might have found yourself losing amidst the confusion of finding an alternative that is not just as good but better?

Well, focus on the positive though. There are so many reasons as to why you should migrate your business to another platform, anyway.

But prior to this, you need to consider the following points that will give you a stronger picture of what to look for when you are chasing a better alternative for Adobe Business Catalyst.


  1.  Easy User Interface:Source: 123RF.com

The platform should be such that the user, may he be a professional or a beginner, finds it easy to use. There are so many tools available on the
Internet but not all of them are beginner-friendly, therefore, it is essential to look for a platform anyone can use.

  1. Customer Relationship Management System:

There are so many better CRM systems available out there. CRM is an exceptional way to boost your sales and increase traffic on your website. To know more about how CRM can affect your business, take a look at this- Why Your Company Needs A CRM System?

  1. Consistency:

The most important thing you need to consider is the consistency of the working of the website. When you invest so much in your online presence, you need to make sure that your website is working 24/7 without any bugs.

  1. Flexible with your type of work:

The platform you are choosing should be flexible in all directions. It should be suitable for any type of digital activity.

E.g. If you are an e-commerce website, you should make sure wherever you are migrating to, is able to carry out any kind of project and not just blogging.

  1.  Authority:Source: LinkedIn

Unlike Adobe Business catalyst which did not give the user any control or ownership over your website, you need to choose a platform that can give you easy access to all the moderation that you as an owner or a developer sees fit.

  1.  Easy Interaction:

Adobe Business Catalyst does not have a medium where the audience can co-operate with the support team of the website. It is essential that the support team of the company is present at the beck and call of the customer and hence a Chat window is an appropriate option. 

  1. Pop-Up Forms or Web Forms:

Pop-Up forms provide a great way for capturing leads and Adobe Business Catalyst doesn’t have this function.

  1. Plug-in and design:

It is necessary that you have an option to customise the design of your website and add plug-ins any time you want.

  1. No loss of SEO:Source: OptinMonster

The platform you are migrating to should have all the SEO tools available to you and you don’t face a loss of it in the process of shifting your platform.


My point here is,

You have to make an informed decision about your choice of the platform you are migrating to. You should make sure that you revise these points as you do so. You are essentially making a smart investment as you are getting data-driven results and growth from time to time. You are not just migrating to a new platform but also refining your website.

The best option for you here is Global Vision Technology.


How we can help?

This platform will give you all the above-mentioned services in one place. So, you need not worry about losing any feature from The Adobe Business Catalyst, in fact, you get all the improvisations.


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Our platform will introduce more wonderful opportunities to your business as websites work as the most influential lead generating part of the business

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As a professional web design and web development company, we tend to serve the global community with our superiority in the latest developments in the web designing and technical proficiency.


So, we conclude that…

Like it or not, Adobe Business Catalyst is going to perish away and so it is reasonable for you to start counting on the best possible alternatives like Global Vision technology for setting up your website, soon. Global Vision is the best choice in creating and redesigning a website in any niche using GDD methodology especially if you have a content-rich site.

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