Top 9 Marketing Automation Platforms of 2019 that can level-up your Business

Oct 29, 2020 10:28:00 AM / by Karishma Pramanik

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The list of marketing automation platforms continues to grow with new tools hitting the scene every year, making it harder than ever to find the right platform for you.

Marketing automation tools can help you increase your marketing results by getting more done in a limited amount of time. Now, you can shift your focus on more important things like generating revenue and closing deals.

Around 49% of the businesses are using marketing automation, and as technology improves, this number is increasing rapidly.

To simplify your marketing efforts, you need the best of the best marketing tool/software to handle everything for you in one place. This way you will be focusing on being more productive and serving your valuable clients.

Customers have become quite comfortable interacting with technologies like marketing automation platforms to address their needs and match their preferences. This positive customer attitude has helped companies realize remarkable benefits.

You can help yourself with this article where we will be listing down the best marketing automation tools available in the market this year, so you can come to a decision which automation tool is the best for you and best suitable for your company.

Before choosing the ideal Marketing Automation software for your business, you cannot neglect how these solutions treat customers during hours of need and how regularly they plan to give you relevant updates.

As you scroll down to check out these solutions, keep in mind those ones that could offer both immediate and long-term benefits. The pricing schemes also plays a crucial role if you don’t want to be tied up to contracts that have gone beyond their usefulness to your business interests.

If you are still questioning your next move, consider 80% of the best performing companies have reached success through the use of Marketing Automation Software.


1. HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot was launched in 2006 and is headquartered at Massachusetts, United States, the company had revenue of $271 million in 2016 with 34,000 customers across 90 countries and 3,400 agency partners.

From increasing traffic to converting leads and improving your ROI, HubSpot Marketing provides all the marketing automation that online businesses need. The automation tool removes repetitive tasks out of marketing agents’ way so they can focus on building the customer relationships that matter.

On top of that, HubSpot offers a wide collection of tools including sales software, customer support, and CRM tool. The range of features provided by HubSpot includes landing pages, web analytics, SEO, social media marketing, content management, and much more.


2. Pardot


Pardot was launched in 2006 and is its parent organization with its headquarters at Atlanta, Georgia.

Pardot allows you to grade how leads respond to your email or interact with your website. Once you come up with high-scoring leads, you could further limit the number to those who match the profile of your ideal buyer, leaving you with high-quality leads to prioritize, therefore segregating the low-quality leads.

With Pardot’s lead nurturing tool, you simply add their names to another program that should give them more chance to know your offering better.

Pardot offers plenty of essential features to boost your marketing campaigns, including automated email marketing, CRM integration, lead scoring, lead nurturing and in-depth reporting of ROI. It also tracks the behavior of your website visitors and provides in-depth analytics which comes in handy while engaging your prospects.


3. Marketo


Marketo Inc. is a marketing software company which makes marketing automation software for companies. It was launched in 2006 with its headquarters in California, United States.

The application’s marketing automation module features a unified marketing database, a powerful engagement marketing engine and an analytic engine. With the unified database, users get access to important details about leads, including their history and how they interact with your website and agents.

These details allow agents to assign the leads to a matching segment and design a more personalized message for them. With content that they could identify with, leads are more receptive to your deals. Popular among small and medium-sized companies, Marketo offers spontaneous customer support. The software also allows integration with Salesforce.


4. Zoho Campaign

Zoho Campaign

Zoho Campaigns is a marketing automation software that helps users with their email marketing campaigns. Its forever free plan allows users to send up to 12,000 emails a month up to 2,000 subscribers.

One of the great tools that it offers is a workflow tool that helps with enhanced audience targeting and personalization. Their autoresponder feature allows you to keenly identify important events in the customer life cycle - from birthdays to anniversaries and holidays. This makes it an important tool for entrepreneurs in E-commerce as buying events and offers to coincide with these dates.

Zoho Marketing Automation tool can help you connect with both your leads and consumers. With this tool you can segment mailing lists based on the information you have about your contacts, and engaging them with relevant content.


5. SendInBlue Email

SendInBlue Email

SendinBlue offers services such as email marketing, SMS campaign, and transactional emails.

SendinBlue Email promotes widespread lead engagement with professional newsletters that can be sent automatically. It lets you build a larger audience via automated email extraction supported by contact segmentation and automation workflows, from signing up to welcome email and email with coupon.

The software offers excellent features, which includes lead scoring, in-depth reporting, email marketing, segmentation, and more. On top of that, SendinBlue also allows you to work with SMS campaigns.

There are various other features such as importing contacts from another platform, customized contact search, responsive email design, campaign reporting, trigger marketing email as per the user interest, etc.


6. ActiveCampaign



Activecampaign is a popular Email marketing service with third-party integration, different types of auto-responses, etc. It provides a solution for the business that needs their contacts for various purposes. ActiveCampaign automates mundane tasks related to acquiring new leads and nurturing them.

ActiveCampaign turns CRM software into a powerful marketing tool by automatically updating contact details and history, which allows any agent to swiftly collect vital information right at the point of contact and communicate better.

The software also enables you to track the number of website visits, customer events, etc. and delivers instantaneous analysis.


7. Infusionsoft:


Infusionsoft is an email marketing private company for small and medium businesses needs which was launched in 2001 and has its headquarters in Arizona, the United States.

Infusionsoft provides strategic reports using key metrics to ensure you get all the important information you need in order to convert more leads into customers from any number of contacts you are starting with. The reports can be used to generate a prediction indicating critical patterns and trends allowing a more focused goal.

It eliminates the need to manually carry out repetitive tasks like billing, follow-up, contact management, and much more.


8. LeadSquared Marketing Automation

LeadSquared Marketing Automation

LeadSquared was launched in 2012 with a revenue of $3 million in 2016. It provides a solution in areas such as real estate, education, travel, health, financial services, etc. It has customers like Flipkart, Time Pro, NIIT, Randstad, etc.

LeadSquared Marketing Automation fuses the capabilities of CRM, marketing automation and machine learning to ensure you get the best lead conversion ratio and diminish wastage of acquired contacts.

This system can handle interdependent workflows and sync with third-party marketing apps and CRMs. Along with a 15-day free trial that does not require a credit card, LeadSquared Marketing Automation offers a BASIC, STANDARD, ESSENTIAL and ENTERPRISE pricing packages.


9. SharpSpring


SharpSpring is a simple, affordable and yet a powerful marketing automation platform.

Featuring an innovative technology, after-the-click behavioral-based email tracking, along with dynamic landing pages, SharpSpring is your go-to solution.

SharpSpring also gives you multiple device tracking, dynamic email, a wide range of triggers and filters, a buyer persona module, dynamic lists and the lead nurturing and lead scoring features standard to many marketing automation platforms.

SharpSpring has over 6,000 customers and around 30,000 users across the globe.



Good marketing can make your revenue go through the roof. But it is hard to keep up with the changing marketing trends and handle all the burden on your own. And this is why marketing automation tools are becoming a hit among marketers.

Marketing automation software can serve as a relief for many marketers, tired and bored of completing mundane and repetitive tasks. You shouldn’t lose track of what the solution is essentially about- more quality leads, more ways to convert these leads into purchasers and stay that way as long as possible.

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