Why your Company needs a CRM System?

May 29, 2019 5:53:27 PM / by Karishma Pramanik

Wonder what a CRM system does for a company? Why CRM is considered as a one stop solution to all your business problems?



Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a software program that helps the company to maintain and manage its relationships with its customers and potential customers to increase the company’s profitability

CRMs help your business grow better for a multitude of reasons. Whether you're just looking to have a central location to organize and manage all customer-related information, make internal communication easier, convert more leads into customers faster, or improve your relationships with customers, a CRM can help.

In today’s “on-demand” world it’s imperative that you implement a customer relationship management system for your online presence.

Learn the importance of a CRM system here- https://blog.global-visiontech.com/why-crm-is-the-most-important-thing-for-your-business

With that being said, here are the reasons why your business needs a customer relationship management system.crm-blog 2


 CRM going to help you market your products

CRM system has unique features that can help you market your products efficiently and at ease.

1. Better Targeting:

It is necessary that your company is targeting people that are most likely to buy your products. For this, you need to know exactly who your prospective customers are. Once you are well-versed with this information, you should know to appeal to them.

Luckily, the CRM system does this for you. It goes through your contacts and targets customers that are profitable to the company and based on the customer behavior and preferences, it takes necessary actions which improve the customer awareness and also result in conversion leading to better sales.

2. Provide Valuable Database:

CRM provides details of your customers which can help the marketer to recognize the perfect segment to appeal with their products. This valuable data if used effectively can help your prospects turn in to customers, i.e. lead to conversion.

3. Keeping track of previous marketing campaigns:

CRM has data saved in its system about the previous marketing campaigns which can be used for future marketing campaigns as well. This data contains proper analysis of the succession of the campaign and the results yielded. The same data can be used for the next campaign without budging on new contacts or audiences. This will help in lowering marketing costs and increase your savings.


CRM is going to increase your company’s sales

1. Smart selling:

CRM allows the company to conduct all their sales communication from one central location. This way the system helps in knowing the current status of the deal, changes in the customer profile or also keeping a track on the sales representative’s performance. It helps you build a standardized sales process, which gives your team a step-by-step roadmap for closing deals and helps to reduce the length of your sales cycles.

2. Consistent reminders:

Once the company targets its potential customers, it is necessary to keep the customer updated about the whereabouts of your company. CRM will automate reminders for the sales team so that they can reach out to their prospect on time and the customer is never lost.

3. Multi-access

As a sales representative you may require to visit places, may it be meetings, or catching a flight or away from the office. You can now access the CRM system through any device and keep in touch with the customers and never miss anything important.

4. Knowing what works:

CRM’s customer data patterns allow the sales manager to understand what methods are working for the success or failure of a deal. With this information, he can easily recognize what needs to be improved in the sales process.


CRM is going to help you with your customer support

1. Solving the issues of the customers faster and more accurately:

CRM contains data of all the customers at a single location which is very easily accessible to the team. Therefore, whenever the team identifies a customer problem, the customer information is just a click away. The team immediately understands the customer profile, their purchases and transactions. This will enable the team to respond to the customer faster which leads to better customer satisfaction.

2. Better customer experience:

With the customer history saved in the CRM system, the support team can easily analyse the customer’s past interactions and point what the customer’s need is. This will ensure that the support team provides excellent customer support and service to the customer.

3. Customer retention:

A lost customer can be gained back using a few tactics. This can be done only when the team is well-versed with the customer’s profile. The customer profile can be obtained from the CRM system easily. By analysing their issues, needs and ways they can be lured back, the lost customer can be successfully retained.


CRM is going to help Business leaders

1. Measure and grow your business:
Having access to data on sales opportunities, trends, and forecasts is critically important to crafting your company’s immediate and long-term action plans. Business leaders can use CRM data to identify which markets and products are the most profitable, and evaluate how to adjust strategy in order to reach their goals.

2.Optimize team performance:
CRMs keep business leaders up to date on the health of their business, and whether or not each team is on track to reaching department goals. Real-time sales reports can help company leadership identify inefficiencies in the sales process, the return on investment for marketing campaigns, and if any customers aren’t receiving proper support.

Today’s digital world moves lightning fast. The days of letting a lead sit for a few days until you “get around to it” are over. So you have to respond to your customers quickly, effectively and efficiently… to gain that lead.

At Global Vision, we believe Customer Relationship management as the strategy to attract, grow and retain customers. We provide end-to-end CRM services that include developing CRM strategy, CRM package evaluation, feasibility analysis, implementation, upgrade, data migration and post-implementation support and so our CRM packages are meant to execute a CRM strategy.

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