CRM Finance enables the financial firm to know the customer better. In addition it helps uncover potential customers and improves overall customer service. It helps build an advantage over competitors as firms are enabled to increase their intelligence about the customer. CRM service manages to provide this information to almost every employee. CRM Finance endeavors to improve and encourage relationship building with existing and potential customers, the various departments within the organization, management etc.

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The dilemma that most financial institutions face is that they do not store their valuable customer data in a comprehensible or easily assessable manner. In financial firms this intelligence is generally scattered throughout the firm and is almost unusable. CRM encourages financial services firms in changing their scattered data into something that can be used by every employee in an easy manner. Who does it benefit? Analysts, asset managers, financial professionals all stand to benefit from the implementation of CRM service

CRM’s benefits to the Financial Services Industry in a nutshell are:

  • 1) Identification of potential customers
  • 2) Provision of data regarding history and preferences of investors
  • 3) Increase of customer knowledge of employees
  • 4) Provision of an excellent view of customer relationships
  • 5) Encouraging customer relationships
  • 6) Increasing and improving financial productivity
  • 7) Storage and provision of financial data of customers
  • 8) Easy assess to collated financial data
  • 9) Managing financial deals
  • 10) Evaluation of a potential investment
  • 11) Aiding client acquisition
  • 12) Investment selling
  • 13) Tracking and monitoring financial deals
  • 14) Aiding the sales team in the provision of customers needs
  • 15) Encouraging and assisting the increase of cross selling and upselling
  • 16) Enabling the building of trust for brokers, agents and financial planners etc

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