7 Google Search Tricks to use Google like a pro

Jul 23, 2019 2:19:21 PM / by Nitin Lakhwani

1. Use Quotes For Exact Phrase

This is a well known and simple trick for searching words in exact same order . searching a phrase inside quotes will yield pages containing those words in exact same order.

for instance : try searching for  ray ban sunglasses sale and "ray ban sunglasses sale" both yield different results with second one yielding only pages with keywords in exact same order.

2. Use Hyphen or Minus sign to exclude keywords

Sometimes you may find yourself searching for a word which has ambiguous meaning . An example is Jaguar. When you google search for Jaguar you get results for both Jaguar Luxury cars and Animal luxury cars dominating the top of the page . If you want to cut cars out of the search results simply use 

Jaguar -cars

minus sign or hyphen tells search engine to exclude pages containing cars . 

3. Search Specific Website

Think of a "Site:" keyword as personal crawler which lets you search for a specific term on a specific website . The syntax is simple to use but can be very powerful

SEO site:blog.global-visiontech.com

This will search all content for SEO but only on blog.global-visiontech.com it will filter out content from all other websites.


4. Find Sites that are Similar

This is a Practical and Highly useful one which can be used by everyone if they knew it existed

Lets say you are browsing some products on an e-commerce website and would like to research on other website before finally going for the purchase . you can find similar websites by using


Try this on google search and you will get list to other eCommerce stores similar to amazon.com

5. Search for Multiple Keywords

By using this trick you can search for multiple phrases in a single search . Using the example below you can search for all the pages which contains jackets or blazers or cardigan saving you a lot of additional search queries and time

jacket | blazer | cardigan

the "|" operator acts as or and lets google know that you are searching for results with either of those phrases.

6. Use Asterisk for Wild card Search

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you know a song or quote but not entirely . you just wont seem to recollect a word or phrase and you are stuck .well , here's when this trick can come to a rescue . 

You can use the below search term to search for a rather well known quote. try this out and share the results in comment section

"* shave the yak"

7. Google Search Shortcuts

A number of commands can be used to get instant results instead of links . This can save time and effort so you don't have to waste time clicks on links for trivial tasks.

a.  Calculations : typing in mathematical calculations like 8*5 will instantly yield results accompanied by a full sized calculator to aide further calculations.google-search-calculation b. Weather forecast : typing in keyword weather followed by the zip code of an area will show you weather of the area . typing in the name of city or area also works given there is no ambiguity in name of the location.

c.  Share Prices : Typing in Ticker symbol or company name followed by keyword share yields the price for that share with chart showing historical pricing .

 Final Thoughts

Google search can be a really powerful tool . when used efficiently by combining mix of these tricks and proper keywords it can yield pretty amazing results .

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Nitin Lakhwani

Written by Nitin Lakhwani

Nitin Lakhwani is an inbound marketer and sales enabler at Global Vision Technology . he has 8 years of experience in making sales and marketing a data driven process