7 ways to get high conversion rate for your Landing Pages

Oct 29, 2020 10:26:53 AM / by Nitin Lakhwani

High Conversions For landing Page

Today’s two biggest challenges for the B2B marketing world are generating brand awareness/traffic and leads for their companies. Among the most effective lead generation tactics for B2B companies today are having an optimized website with content marketing, calls to action and landing pages.

There are lots of businesses out there who have succeeded to achieve higher conversion rates by building & optimizing most effective landing pages.

Now let’s get on to the strategies that will help you raise your landing page conversion rates.

Create Headlines that Entice and Engage

The first thing visitors see is your headline and instantly, they make a determination of whether or not to click and read. If the visitor clicks on your link and finds something completely different than what your headline promises, then your bounce rate will hit the roof so make sure you’re able to create headlines that create curiosity or a sense of urgency to capture the attention of your audience.

Use A Precise CTA Button

A Call-to-Action (CTA) button is a button that is added on the landing page to make guests perform the action you want. Place an accurate CTA button with a clear goal of moving potential customers into the next stage of your sales funnel. Find the perfect place to put your CTA on your landing page. It’s highly recommended to put the CTA above the fold so that the user doesn’t have to scroll to find it.

Improve Your Landing Page Speed

Page speed relates to the time a page takes to load completely on a browser. This should be speeding otherwise the readers will move to a different site since they’ve enough other options. To keep the visitor stick to your landing page, you must optimize it for fast loading. It can also increase conversions and customer satisfaction that build your brand visibility on search engines.

Landings Visually Appealing with Images and Video

Site visitors respond better to the visuals rather than text. Try to add more visuals like Pictures, Videos, GIFs on your landing page to make it more tasteful and engaging. Your landing page is all about educating your visitors. And what better way to do that than with imagery? For example, you can use video to demonstrate your product or service. Businesses that use video in their landing pages are increasing their conversion rate by 86%.

Use A/B Split Tests to Continue Improving

You should use split test your landing pages to find ways to make them convert even more. If you’re serious about improving your results, then you have to identify the problem maybe it’s your headlines, lack of images and video, or overall copy. There’s only one way to find out and that’s with A/B split testing. The more A/B tests you run, the more accurate your results become.

Try different form lengths

Since forms are the gateways to increase conversion, you need to make sure you build and optimize them the right way to make your landing page successful. shorter forms can make lead capturing easier as well as faster but that’s not true. If you want to qualify leads for an expensive product or service, a longer form can be more effective. Your business might get fewer leads, but those leads will be more qualified.

Add testimonials to help convert uncertain users

Equipping your landing pages with social proof is one of the simplest and most effective ways to capture leads and bring conversion. Every business wants visitor to thinks the audience engages with your brand. video testimonial, Quotes work well to communicate that your product or service helped them achieve fantastic results. This that will result in expanding your client margin and increase revenue.


we hope these common problems helped you identify a few improvements you can make to your own landing pages. While poor conversion rates may be frustrating, you can make a few small changes and see results quickly. You can Contact us for more actionable tips to improve your landing page conversions.



Nitin Lakhwani

Written by Nitin Lakhwani

Nitin Lakhwani is an inbound marketer and sales enabler at Global Vision Technology . he has 8 years of experience in making sales and marketing a data driven process

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