Advertising Is Dead

Jun 25, 2019 3:51:49 PM / by Karishma Pramanik

Advertising is dead (1)


Advertising is all over the place. We are going through a time where we are unable to differentiate between advertising and reality. Wherever you land your eyes; you can see an advertisement. Billboards decorated with flashy lights, kiosks near the bus stops and pamphlets at your doorstep, advertising is everywhere!

Our conscious minds have never escaped the impact of traditional advertising.

In the old world, before Facebook and other social media platforms, there were no ways to advertise a niche product, at least not an effective way. The only advertising campaigns that succeeded were by the big companies joining hands with traditional media channels. They typically included restaurant chains, multinational media companies, cars, and automobile companies, insurance companies, etc.

And then enters THE Internet, sloshing all traditional media channels from their high held pedestals and challenging their reign of all these years. With the Internet, the distance between a buyer and seller has considerably decreased and they can easily find whatever they want.

The advances in Technology has opened so many doors for people when it comes to exploring and identifying their true needs.

Traditional advertisements lean more towards brand deals and sponsorship, sometimes partnerships and influencer marketing. And since years, traditional advertisements have built their spine with it.

The authenticity and “realness” have lost somewhere whereas the rise of technological advancements and social media is taking control into its hands, and giving traditional advertising and advertising agencies a run for their money.

Advertising is not dying per se, but the reign of traditional advertising is coming to an end. Brands who succeeded way before the Internet came into the picture- are dying.


The Growth of Content Advertising:

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The Fall in the Traditional Ad Mediums:

How many of you are still subscribed to physical magazines? How often do you listen to the radio? Do you still have a cable subscription? Your answers will tell you how traditional advertising like radio, televisions, billboards are slowly replaced by newer technologies and Internet. People today are more inclined towards Digital advertising because they are more easily accessible and more convenient to use. Cheap data rates and increased use of smartphones has given more exposure to digital advertising.


So, where is Advertising?

Advertising is still here, evolving and adapting to the newer mediums like social media and search engines. With audiences increasing trust issues with brands and brand personalities, companies are finding newer ways to engage with their audience using new mediums, preferring mainly to social media and the Internet.

Advertising still is everywhere hitting right where its meant to, giving brands the right exposure and mediums to express themselves. Advertising is still developing day by day and the future withholds a far more advanced technology that showcases better advertising and removing the clutter.


How New Technology is powerful today?


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The new technology has power over the older mediums of advertising because of the benefits it provides-


1. Personalization/Customisation:

New technology and modern advertising have swept ways for the personalization of advertisements. Traditional advertisements are mostly “one for all” content that is expected to appeal to the mass audience. But in the present day, people are more sensitive to their individuality and are more attracted to advertisements that cater to their personal interests. With traditional advertising, personalization is next to impossible. Advertisement which gives a sense of intimate appeal to the people has higher chances to win people than “one size fits all” advertisements.


2. Better engagement with the audience:

With traditional mediums of advertisements, people could only see and hear the content of the advertisement, but in the modern era, they can now, respond and react and basically engage with the advertisement, making it a developed way to interact with the audience.


3. Convenience:

The new ways of advertising have increased the convenience of both the advertiser as well as the audience. If the audience prefers more social media, the ads can follow them there. The Internet is also available at cheaper rates in the country enabling every person to have access to it. Technology is proving to be very beneficial to the people as well to the advertisers.


The industry is growing and so are people’s needs. Advertising is growing at a higher pace and so development continues to happen. We can figure out that modern techniques of advertising are overpowering the traditional ways and for the better. But is traditional advertising really dead?


Although content and inbound marketing methods are posing as rivals to traditional marketing methods, they haven’t entirely replaced them as a viable option.


For traditional advertisers, you need to keep an eye on these new technologies and adjust your strategies accordingly. There will always be chances of higher ROI if you are ready to adapt and improvise. Do Contact us for Digital Advertising for your Business.

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Karishma Pramanik

Written by Karishma Pramanik