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CRM for Government is composed of the systems, software, and methodologies for managing, measuring, analyzing, automating, and otherwise facilitating an agency’s interactions with constituents. It is critical to the management of the agency’s customer experience (CX).

As Ovum analyst Jeremy Cox notes: “Although the CRM vision may encompass CX, no single CRM system is sufficient alone to provide the all-channel, context-aware personalized customer experience demanded today.”

It is therefore also a hub for recording, analyzing, leveraging, and sharing customer transactions and interactions, which is fed by adjacent systems to provide one complete view of the customer.


CRM Public is often significantly more complex than CRM for the Private Sector, for a variety of reasons:

1) The citizen can be both a part of the government and a customer, with changing roles in their relation to the Public Sector.

2) There are vastly more silos in existence that need to be addressed in large governments, across a variety of regional levels, compared to companies – making “one view of the customer” much tougher to achieve.

3) Given the lack of a profit motive, metrics tracking success and return on investment (ROI) for CRM Services are more difficult to define in government than in the Private Sector.

4) There are a bevy of regulations, standards, and policies governing security, collection/use of data, and procurement of systems that exist in government but not in the Private Sector.

CRM Public Sector is not a new idea, so many agencies tend to already have well-defined requests for proposals (RFPs) and expectations during procurement. For the competitive landscape, this means a trend toward greater flexibility of deployment models and offerings, with a variety of go-to-market strategies and a stronger focus on solution usability.

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