Top 5 Benefits of Custom web development

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Before going into details of the advantages of creating a custom website, it is necessary to define what a custom website is.

A custom website is a website that is created solely for you, for your needs, for your brand, your products or your cause.

In contrast to custom-made sites, there are prefabricated sites, i.e. sites whose design or pages have been designed in advance by professionals. With this type of site, your freedom of expression or your possibilities are obviously more limited.

Some of the most popular tools on the Internet that allow you to make prefabricated sites include Wordpress and Joomla or perhaps more complete ones like Drupal.

In addition, there are offers or services like that allow you to create a site from scratch, but in the end the site will not really be custom-made.

Because custom-made solutions are easy and attractive

 An adapted graphic design: On WordPress, the theme is responsible for the final architecture of a website. A custom theme then provides a quality user interface and fields that are much more customized than with pre-designed themes, helping the owner to use his or her website according to his or her own needs.

 A unique web-design:  In order to stand out from the competition, or to make your website a unique place on the web, nothing beats developing a custom WordPress theme.  The most attractive premium themes on WordPress are often overwhelmed, resulting in a series of uniform and unattractive sites that do not impress visitors very much. A custom-made theme allows you to have your main communication element, the website, in the image of your identity, but also to create a real user experience! The creation of a custom website is an investment with strong positive benefits that requires the support of ecommerce development company or ecommerce development and here are the advantages:

1. The personalization

Thanks to customization, your site will look like what you want to represent on the Internet. We are the best Website design & development company in Mumbai providing solutions for corporate website development, digital marketing, ecommerce website development and SEO services. 

The customization of your custom website can allow you to differentiate yourself significantly from your competitors, whatever they may be.

It should be noted that Internet users, by seeing dozens or even hundreds of sites per day, easily recognize if a site is tailor-made or not.

Indeed, a custom-made site is distinguished from others by its appearance, its navigation and if it has been well done it is also more fun for the visitor.

There is also a question of identity:

"Do you want to look like your 50 competitors who all made a two-ball site in two minutes?”

 I'm a little aggressive, but that's what we see more and more on the Internet!

And in my opinion, your message deserves to be personalized even if you will have to invest a little more than for these two-bit sites!

Now, it's not my intention to denigrate platforms like Wordpress that allow me to get as close as possible to a custom-made site with a lot of advantages. But that is not the subject we are interested in today.

2. Simplified amendments

When a site is custom-made, we can customize it to such an extent that we are free to do a little bit of what we want, including modifications.

Do you want to move an image two pixels (i.e. a few millimeters)?

It's possible! It's possible!

You want to add a video in a different format?

It is also possible!

You want to keep all the content, but redo the whole site from the beginning?

There is no problem!

As we can see, every aspect of your site can be modified SIMPLY, because as it is custom-made, we are not forced to redevelop everything.

It also impacts the speed of the requested changes, because if you have a contract that binds you to your webmaster or to the designer of your site - if not you - he will be able to intervene very quickly and make the desired change

3. Security

The problem with super-known platforms like Wordpress or Joomla or others is that they are relatively interesting targets for hackers.

Hackers have fun creating malicious code in order to harm, for various reasons, economic or otherwise.

Obviously, platforms that have several sites with the same frame are much more prone to hacking, to external attacks.

Indeed, these platforms have thousands and thousands of lines of code that allow them to operate in a consistent manner and are therefore more vulnerable.

This is why Apple computers have long been less vulnerable than others, because they are less widespread and more difficult to attack.

Today, due to their recent popularity, there are more and more hackers who are also having fun targeting Apple computers.

You should know that at Easygiga, we host several thousand sites and have a lot of experience on these issues.

Custom-made sites almost never have any security problems, unless they have used some external code that does not depend directly on the site, but in these cases the problem can be solved rather quickly.

In short, custom-made sites offer you more security.

4.  Freedom Imagine that tomorrow you want to add such feature or product on your website.If you have a custom site, you will have the freedom to install a little what you want.

On the contrary, on some platforms mentioned earlier, it would not really be possible because there are quite a few restrictions for the security reasons mentioned above.

In short, you have more freedom to do what you want with a custom website.

5.  Solid foundations and evolution  Over the months, over the years, your site will evolve.If your site was developed by a professional, you should not encounter any bug or problem for several months or even years, as long as the technologies around it (for example the server) do not evolve.

However, even if a concern arises, as it is tailor-made it would be quite simple to intervene and correct the problem. With a custom site, you have no constraints in terms of evolution, because if the base of the site was well built you are free to change it as you see fit. Contact Us for best responsive website we provides.



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