Latest Trends In Online Marketing 2019

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Due to evolving technology, marketing efforts are continuously changing and are believed to have changed the most in the past two years as compared to the last 50.

Many consumers are more than ever on the go and are using mobile devices to search web pages. An ecommerce development company of today  ensures that its web pages are accelerated to reduce the bounce rate when it takes a page a long period to load, and ensuing a better user experience for mobile users. Using Accelerated Mobile Pages also ensures that ecommerce development companies do not have to build a app for mobile users.

More ecommerce development companies are using push notifications to engage and retain customers. E-mail communications are being used as a lead customer engagement tool for buyers in a database. A great advantage to automated e-mail notifications is that it reaches many customers.

The use of the right adwords has become more essential to ensure that funds being channelled into online marketing is not wasted. Doubleclick ad platform and analysis tools like Google Analytics, Data Studio, and AB testing through data studio are expected to be more tightly integrated into Search Engine Marketing.

Live videos are also taking a solid front seat. Live videos can be used to launch products and to host events. They are cheap to produce, and can be re-watched. Live Videos are available across several social media platforms including Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Big Data is also a front-seat runner in the latest trends in digital marketing, as data is being used to drive marketing. Analysis of data is used to provide customer and market insights, and can be used for predictive analytics.

Adverts are growing across social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Artificial Intelligence is also doing the shopping for customers. By using relevant, high-quality images that are labelled with appropriate alt-text, companies can ensure that the online robots that do the search are able to return results when searching online. Users are also placing orders using voice. Amazon in fact reports that sales are now being initiated with the voice-activated virtual assistant called Alexa.  About 31% of smart speaker owners have added an item to their cart to review it later for purchase. About 29% have used smart speakers to research an item they are interested.

Artificial Intelligence helps to power chat bots, so that they are able to hold basic conversations with visitors to a site, and answer a number of mostly-asked questions, similar to how a human customer service representative would.  Advantages to the chat bot include immediate responses to visitors on the website as waiting time is almost completed erased and reduced overhead costs. Apart from being a customer service tool, chat bots can initiate a chat request with a customer, based on the page that the customer is on, to either ask a customer if they need further support or to pitch a sale. Uber uses chat bots for its customers to order rides.

Artificial Intelligence is powering customer segmentation, targeted marketing, click tracking and push notifications and creating endless options to customers. It can be used for audience expansion, audience targeting, product recommendation, thereby optimizing marketing campaigns by companies into better personalised adverts for every customer. Artificial Intelligence is also being used to improve customer service, and to improve existing products and services. Personalization reduces search time, and maximizes customer engagement.

Ecommerce companies are now pushing virtual and augmented reality to consumers to test products before purchase, reducing drop-off rates, encouraging repeat purchases, increasing customer satisfaction and to manage customer support.

Interestingly, users can now upload an image to Search Engines to search for that image, instead of using text. Pinterest and Google Lens have this search engine functionality.

The trends are clear – businesses that optimise technology to push their marketing will grow. Those that do not will fade into oblivion.  Personalization, AI Technology and automations are the drivers to ensure sustainable and increasing marketing ratios. Optimizing voice and visual searches will also create better engagements with customers.

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