Drive your sales with 7 powerful emotional triggers

Jan 27, 2021 11:25:07 AM / by Amit Lakhwani

Drive your sales with 7 powerful emotional triggers

Marketing uses ‘psychology’ to attract attention and ‘persuade’ the target to take an action. This might be to enter an email address in exchange for information or to purchase a product.

Every decision your customer makes consists of many conscious and subconscious emotions. The key to success in any business is an understanding of psychology and human behavior.

We all have the same basic mental triggers and needs that drive action. If we understand these psychological triggers, we can craft more effective marketing messages and increase sales.

Below is an introduction to 7 important psychological and emotional triggers that can increase your sales, backed up with examples and further reading.

1.  Reason Why

Tell people WHY you're doing something. Don't be a mystery for your customers. People are more likely to buy from an ordinary person they know something about.

Are you giving 25% discount on your product? Give the people honest reason why. Are you limiting the number of products you want to sell? Tell people why.

If you tell your visitors about the reasons of doing something, they will be more likely to trust you and to buy from you.

2.  Be Specific

The more specific you are, the easier it is for the target audience to act. Why? Because specific information makes it easier to create a ‘picture’ and allows people to directly relate to what you are saying.

For example: Don’t say that you have a huge variety of motorbikes for sale, say that you have over 25 different types. Be specific! The person looking for a bike can immediately see ‘pictures’ of different types of bikes in their mind and will want to actually see what you have on offer.

3.  Curiosity

We are all curious! It’s human nature! So, you can use this trigger to attract more people to see or read what you have to offer them. For example: “What is the best way to attract loyal customers?” Headlines like "Discover the hidden secret of free offers" are always producing great results. You immediately want to know "What secret?".

Curiosity trigger is a great way to get your email opened. It also works great in ads and in articles.

4.  Fear to Lose Something

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a strong motivator in getting people to do things they might normally experience. Use that in sales by dangling the possibility they might not be able to get it soon and they’d better hurry. It’s pretty rare to find a person who’s never wanted something they couldn’t have.

People are most likely to buy from you if they are motivated by fear to lose something than if they are motivated by desire to gain something. That's why deadlines and limited production numbers works well.

Use deadlines in your copy. Run 3 days specials or limit the number of products you want to sell. Make people act now by letting them know that it is a limited time offer.

5.  Questions

Ask questions. By asking questions you get people involved, they automatically start to think to answer your question and become more responsive to your message.

What headline would grab your attention?

"You are wasting money on ezine advertising" or "Are you wasting money on ezine advertising?"

6.  Stories

Nothing can be better than a good story. It's easy to influence people just by telling them a good story.

A lot of famous writers used this method in their sales letters. You can tell a true story about your customer. Or about yourself.

A real-life story about something the product has done to improve someone's life will build your credibility and motivate people to buy.

7.  Facing a Problem

Every product is a solution to particular problem. Don't rush into presenting the solution you have, make sure you first make your visitors to face the problem.

Present the problem and agitate it so people would feel the pain of situation. Spell out the problem, tell them how it feels. Only after you've got readers interest present your product that provides the solution.

How Global Vision Technology can help you with psychological triggers

Global Vision Technology uses intelligent targeting technology that enables you to communicate with Trusted Targeting you can create highly effective marketing campaigns across all ad networks. We make your performance marketing easier, more effective and more efficient. The most obvious way is through what are often called “lead magnets” or “valuable content offers.” By doing so, it puts your prospects in a psychology war within themselves to repay for you through sales and referrals.

We create compelling sales letter/email, landing pages, ads, and cold calls should be aimed at providing your prospects with the benefits associated with buying your products and not just purchasing your product. Our experts also employ this psychological trigger in your marketing process to bump up responses from your prospects faster. There are several ways we are using like the fear of missing out to boost sales. It can be through offering coupons, flash sales, and holiday sales


Sales triggers are often most associated with the last touch points; the final push that gets the sale over the line; landing page elements that increase conversions or a fine-tuned product page that closes the sale.

However, the reality is that emotional triggers need to be woven into the very fabric of your brand; from your social media and email, to ad copy, blog posts and web content. Take a look at your marketing communications and sales funnel. Can you identify or include an emotional trigger at each step in the customer journey?

Do you understand the values that drive your customers? Or do you understand what values potential customers would associate with your company, brand, product or service?

These are the top 7 Psychological triggers. Use them in your next sales copy, e-mails, marketing messages, advertising, and see how it influences your sales in a positive way! Contact Us to know more.

Amit Lakhwani

Written by Amit Lakhwani

Amit is an inbound marketer and sales enabler at Global Vision Technology . he has 12 years of experience in making sales and marketing a data driven process

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