Public Sector CRM Opportunity

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CRM has lots of proponents and lots of market momentum, mostly for all the right reasons. But one reason in particular--specific to the public sector and dramatically, almost radically, important in its potential impact--is taking on a new focus..

There's a whole lot more to CRM Public Sector than just cutting costs and streamlining CRM Services. It represents a new way to define the interactions between democracies and their citizens, and drive new models of constituent relations and civic culture. And a little uptick in civic culture is long overdue.

e-citizensImproving interactions between Citizens and Government has long been a goal of politicians, civil servants, and their constituents, but the ability to provide efficient and cost-effective service to constituents while empowering them to have a stake in their government has remained elusive. As the complexity of government service and the bureaucratic process has increased in the last century, the ability of citizens to feel as though they have a stake has diminished and engendered a growing disconnect with their governments.

These issues play out in the context of a global need to streamline government and render it more efficient while lowering taxpayer costs. These requirements have been ignored at best, and more often than not, the cost of new technology that might help address them has been high. Now, the global recession has made cost cutting essential for the preservation of much-needed public services.

Well-designed and well-implemented Public Sector CRM provides two key benefits: First, it can greatly improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of government services by facilitating, automating, and streamlining interactions among citizens, government employees, service providers, and other stakeholders.

Vision CRM provides public sector workers with better tools to perform daily tasks, improving interactions inside government.

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