All about HubSpot: The Ultimate Cloud-Based Software Platform

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All about hubspot


HubSpot, a software designed for professionals to help organizations execute their inbound marketing strategies. You know your business needs a more targeted online approach. And if you are someone who is seriously concerned about how your company is performing in terms of digital marketing and sales, HubSpot maybe just what you want.

Online marketing tools can be complicated. Managing a CRM, CMS, website, blog, social media, sales funnels, the list never ends.

Do you want a way to manage your web content, social media, and CRM in one place? Do you want a content management system that is easy to use? Do you want an integrated tool that will save you time?

HubSpot can help. It’s built for business owners and marketers who want an all-in-one solution.

HubSpot includes CRM and sales enablement tools, but the foundation is HubSpot Marketing. HubSpot Marketing allows organizations to bring all the tools they use to support their marketing under one roof that shares the same data. It includes everything a marketer needs to increase website traffic, convert website visitors into leads, and deliver a measurable ROI.

Once you grow your email list you can also send email campaigns and manage your digital ads through HubSpot. All these features work immediately with no developer help needed.

It has the ability to personalize your customer’s experience.

Your CRM is the basis of all your marketing. You need to choose a platform that grows with you. HubSpot can do that.

The good news is, you can use a lot of HubSpot’s tools for free to get started and to see if they work well for you.

Basically the HubSpot software is a collection of digital tools for marketing, sales, and service, with a CRM as the foundation.


HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing:


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Inbound Marketing is the way to gain trust on the internet through a constant conversation between you and your customers. It is a process that uses Content Marketing, SEO, SMM, and email marketing to attract customers to your products and services.


Content Marketing:

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Quality content is the foundation of your Content marketing strategy. Content is usually regarded as the fuel to you Inbound Marketing strategy. HubSpot is a CMS (Content Management System) that lets you create blogs, landing pages, web content with your choice of thousands of web templates. You also have the option to create your own customized template. Drag and drop modules let you easily build or change any page.

HubSpot helps with your On-page SEO and set up content staging. With HubSpot, you can personalize your page content or even a whole page based on known attributes of your visitors. Make sure your content is based on your customer’s location, source, device, language, demographic information, etc.



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Search Engine optimization helps your content to gain visibility on search engines which actually translates in to more qualified leads and traffic to your website. SEO practices like on-page SEO ensure best practices, search engines will be clear about what your content is about, also it will provide some idea about how authoritative the content is, and the content’s importance on your website.

Having an SEO strategy is necessary to ensure organic traffic in your website and sustained growth in the leads. The SEO tools of HubSpot allows you to optimize your content around the targeted keywords your customers are searching for and result in ranking topics. 


Email Marketing:

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With HubSpot’s email marketing tool, you can carry out personalized email campaigns. These email campaigns are easy to design and execute. HuSpot’s analytics help you track the effectiveness of each campaign and optimize them for enhanced future performance.


HubSpot Social (Social Media):

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Creating content and sharing them social media platform is an easy and smooth process with HubSpot. With the use of this social media monitoring tool, you can line up different social media platform activities and monitor them on your company page. 

For marketers who do not want to miss a single chance to connect with their target audience, HubSpot’s social media monitoring tool helps you prioritize conversations with your potential customers by linking their database for you. With HubSpot’s social media monitoring tool, you have the access to monitor the number of visits, leads and customers your social media is generating for your company.


Landing Pages:

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If you want to increase your ROI, landing pages are the best way. You have a library of in-built templates which you can access to create your own landing page. You can preview this on mobile, desktop or even iPad before launching it. Along with that, there is an option of adding personalized content, call-to-actions, improving SEO ranking through keyword suggestions for every visitor that visits your landing page. You can analyze the performance of your landing page once it is live. You can perform simple tests to drive conversions.



HubSpot CRM:

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The customer relationship management (CRM) tool helps you organize and track your leads and customers. This tool will save your team from using multiple spreadsheet to organize your contacts.

Hubspot is a central hub for everything going on in your company. You can use it to write blogs, track customer’s activity, and send monthly emails. It will streamline the communication of your team as the whole team is on the same page. Everything is measurable and HubSpot makes it easy to navigate and find the information that is important to you. You can even customize your reports or create dashboards and share it across your team. You can also segment contact lists and set up customized filters for certain activities.


Marketing Automation:

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HubSpot’s marketing tools pulls all of your marketing efforts together in an easy-to-use platform. You can build and change your website easily without any coding.

With marketing automation from HubSpot, you can easily communicate with your target audience and channel them into marketing funnels, score leads, track customers, personalize content, and send emails. Marketing automation with HubSpot gives your workflow, flexibility and increases productivity.


Sales with HubSpot

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HubSpot Sales works with the CRM so that your Sales team can get emails automatically, create new contacts directly from their email client as well as view opened and clicked activity on the contact record. It has everything a sales team needs to organize, monitor, and manage contacts and companies in order to build strong relationships with customers.

It has automatic lead notification and tracking including email opens, email clicks, and even website visits and revisits.


HubSpot Support:

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As your customer base grows, the easier it is to let customer issues slip through the cracks. Emails get lost, spreadsheets become unmanageable, and customers suffer. With HubSpot Support, you can keep track of customer requests so your team can stay organized, easily prioritize work, and find solutions for customers faster. With help desk tools, you can resolve issues of your customers effectively. You can effectively manage customer demand, coach your support team to be successful, and ultimately provide a better customer experience.


Marketing software like HubSpot in itself will not magically improve your marketing results. But combining it with a well-planned marketing strategy and a team of talented marketers to execute the strategy will give you an advantage over your competition. Company like ours are certified in all elements of HubSpot and can provide you the most inclusive inbound marketing strategies for your business to determine how to leverage it most successfully for your unique business. If you’d like to take advantage of this, Contact Us or Email Us.

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