Why Video Marketing is the Ultimate Marketing Tool for Real Estate Developers

Jul 29, 2019 2:00:00 PM / by Karishma Pramanik

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If a single picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth an entire book. 

Not only do videos provide a 74% increase in your visitor’s understanding of your product or service compared to pictures, but they also increase the likelihood of your visitors purchasing your product or service by 64%.

Real estate marketing has gone through a number of phases, and it is for sure that video marketing is a very important phase. It will not be wrong to say that online videos are one of the most significant benchmarks of the evolution of technologies.  They have opened new ways of entertainment as well as information.

You as a real estate developer should know how and why Digital Marketing is beneficial to your company and how it should be carried out. You should also know what are the current trends and strategies on the world of Digital Marketing worthy for you to implement.

Video marketing also requires strategy. Video marketing is sometimes considered a part of content marketing and social media marketing.

Selling a real estate is all about getting visual. Your prospects would want a tour of the property they are interested in. They would like to see the property inside out and then come to a decision. Real estate videos can act as eyes and ears for anything from virtual tours of a house to neighbourhood guides.

Customers are most likely to come across your real estate company online. So, you have to make sure that your video marketing campaign builds a positive image for them. Video marketing has the potential to make a very good first impression so take the full benefit of this technological boon you are provided with.

Having a successfully running video marketing campaign can set yourself and your business apart from your competitors in so many ways.

You can flaunt your local expertise through your videos

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Home buyers or your potential customers want to work with real estate agents who know a thing or two about the property or the surrounding. Videos can be a great way to build credibility amongst them as an expert. You can anticipate several frequently asked questions and share relevant information about a particular neighbourhood or market.

You build a good and reliable image on social media

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For a sale, you as a real estate agent need to leave a good impression of yourself on the potential buyer. When you adopt video marketing as one of your marketing strategies, you look more professional and portray the fact that you are knowledgeable and know what you are doing. Your potential customers will feel more comfortable buying or listing a property from you. They will understand that you have got the skills to get the job done.

It Enhances your brand presence

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Quality videos cut through the social media noise and give people a reason to consider your company from others. Things like a satisfied customer testimonial or a virtual house tour can make a world of a difference to your company. When you are reliable and credible online, your potential customer would not only proceed to become your customer but also will recommend you to other people indirectly escalating your sales.

Have Sound communication with your prospects

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The beauty of video is in how it facilitates the understanding and communication of information. The information you give in a video is just more likely to stick with users, arising conversations and sparking their curiosity. Asking questions in your video or even answering questions in the first person is an excellent way to engage with your audience directly. Use your video to talk about the property’s size, price, history, etc.


Video production and distribution should form a core element of your real estate marketing strategy. If you want to fast-track building up your brand, video marketing offers a great path to reach that destination.

From inside and outside home tours, to expert tips and more, video could help establish you as a leader in your field, helping you bring in more buyer leads and transform the success of your business.

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