To Survive in the Modern landscape of media, Only an optimize website cannot do anything .it is important to add new and competitive factors in a website such as usability and conversion, innovation design and social media hence, it is wise to consider these 5 pillars of the successful and mordern website design

1. Design

It is important to find the right balance between simplicity, a modern look informative, and engaging for the user, and performing well in terms of SEO.Keep in mind to design a website to reflect what the user wants, easy to navigate, with a modern look.

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Ensure you have clear and concise headlines, but also that the speed response of you website is fast enough to avoid user leaving your website.Focus on readability :colours, fonts, backgrounds, spacing, margins and landing pages.

3. SEO

– Build friendly URLs.
– Build HTML and XML site maps to ensure search engines correctly index your site during the crawling process.
– Write post titles that are relevant and descriptive.
– Avoid Flash menus because it is hard for search engines to read their content.
– Use relevant anchor text links instead of “click here”.
– Use image ALT description.
– Optimize your site for mobile and tablet search.

3. Content

– Copy needs to be clear, concise and relevant.
– Organize your content : date, time, geography, location, topic, and target audience.

5. Integration

People consume content across mobiles, desktop or tablets, so it is important to ingrate your website across these different devices.
Social media plays also a big role for your website performance. It is important to integrate and link campaigns from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn so that people engage more on your site. Providing share buttons on your website also give you organic links and traffic.

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