6 Best Facebook "Adspirations" for your next Real estate Ad Campaign

Oct 11, 2019 9:15:00 AM / by Karishma Pramanik

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Real estate agents struggle with spending a lot of money on advertising and getting little to no ROI. So many online marketing strategies have failed them. If you can relate, let me suggest a solution- Facebook Ads.

Real estate companies using Facebook ads to advertise can be a brilliant way to get leads cheaply and quickly. According to statistics an average person spends around 35 minutes per day on Facebook. SO, it becomes an ideal platform to hit your target audience. You also get ample of time in your hand to show your ads to your audience on Facebook.

But it’s nearly impossible to be the best at creating Facebook ads especially when you are just starting. We all need a bit of inspiration even now and then. Learning more about Digital marketing to excel in building your brand will not only give you an idea about Facebook Ads but about every Digital marketing strategy.

So here we present you with 6 examples of the best Facebook ads for real estate that you can take a look at.

So, let’s get started-

Pinching pain points

Vakhil Housing


Facebook ad for real estate vakhil Housing


This real estate housing company uses customer’s pain points to allure them into buying their property. This ad proved to be very effective as customers could relate to it emotionally.

The text of the ad says, “Keep your family together” meaning keeping your family in one place. This hits people who are newly married and are planning to start a family. It also is a pain point for people with big families who need bigger spaces to fit their entire family.

You need to have an in-depth understanding of your target customer. A buyer persona can be of your great help here. The truth is, your real estate prospects are not on Facebook just a browse away, some of them are looking for how to solve their housing problems. So, using the customer’s pain points to create Facebook ads for real estate will help your audience to connect with your ads on a personal level.

Testimonials of satisfied customers:

JSP realtors:

JSP realtors Facebook ad for real estate

This real estate company used testimonials of customers who have bought or sold their houses through the company. These testimonials were used in the Facebook ad using the carousel ad format.

Letting the customers do the talking about how effective your real estate services are is the best way to advertise your company. This is because people believe the testimonies of other people who have used the same service they are considering to use.

You can use your customer’s testimonials to create ads that will not only lead to the creation of stunning Facebook ads but also boost your company’s credibility.

Testimonial ads are also great for social proof and thus will help you build your brand considerably.

Carousel ad format:


daft.ie Facebook ad for real estate

A UK based real-estate company used carousel ad format for its Facebook ad. Carousel ads help customers to view different angles different parts of a single house to stimulate their interest in the deal.

The Facebook carousel ad format is a great format for creating effective ads as it involves a lot of visuals. The carousel ad format enables you to create a series of images in a catalog format so that your viewers can scroll to view different listings or images of the house.

4. Use of Facebook Live:

John and Melissa Steele, San Diego Realtors.

san diego realtors facebook ad for real estate

This company used 8 minutes of personal Facebook live to showcase all the different rooms of one of the apartments of their agency at different angles. A virtual tour like this of the property helped a big deal to the viewers.

Facebook live- a native live streaming video is hot right now on Facebook and many brands are already taking advantage. As a real estate agent, you can use Facebook Live to create a virtual tour of property or stream live from an open house while you address your target audience. You can use it as a Facebook live ad.

Using Drone footage

Holley Real Estate.

Holley Real estate Facebook ad for real estate

Holley Real estate used drone footage to showcase the properties of the neighboring areas. Drone footage is the latest marketing strategy in real estate. It produces high-quality photography and video. You can use drones to take pictures of landscapes, beautiful home exteriors and the surrounding environment.

You could record drone footage and show your target audience the views of the property you want them to see by using it to create Facebook ads for your real estate agency business.

Video strategy is a very effective way of pulling leads. The audience love videos and visuals. The more you provide videos, the more traffic you get. According to statistics, ads with videos received 403% more inquiries than those without them.

6. Event Promotion:

Great Colorado homes

great-colorado-homes-facebook-ad for real esate

Getting a word out on Facebook with client appreciation posts is a great idea. Here is Great Colorado Homes advertising a Zoo event with an eye-catching video. There is no landing page: just getting the message out!

Creating events on Facebook is a brilliant way to get your target audience’s attention. In this way, you can understand how your ads are working by seeing the number of people interested in the event. You can also further promote this event for it to reach a larger mass.


You can easily get your creative juices flowing with the help of these above-mentioned Facebook ad inspirations. If you are still not using Facebook ads as your promotional tool, you are missing out.

And remember, your landing page is just as important as your advertisement. Driving clicks and traffic to your website won’t help if your website isn’t optimized to earn their trust and contact information. We hope we helped you with this and we still are available if you want us to assist you in creating interactive and successful Facebook ads and ad campaigns. Just drop us a mail or contact us.

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Karishma Pramanik

Written by Karishma Pramanik

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